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About Us - Discover The Inspiring Story of KaTea Inc

Dear Tea-Lover,

Once you've landed in this online tea store, it means that you're in search of the best place to buy tea online. Well, you've come to the right place, and on behalf of the entire KaTea Inc team, I'd like to welcome you: Feel free to order tea!.
At KaTea Inc we are a TEAm of enthusiastic tea and food lovers who wish to channel their creativity, knowledge and experience into delivering the best tea to our clients. 
Yes, we dare to dream big! With everything that we do, we're contributing to making this world a better place by supporting sustainable agriculture and offering to our customers quality, consistency, and tradition. 
We decided to start this venue by importing Kenyan Tea into the North American market. Through our partners from Kenya we have access to exceptionally loose leaf teas that have a brilliant reputation for the highest quality.
The rest is a little bit of science, a little bit of passion, a little bit of craziness, a little bit of daring, and many many hours of work.
But it's worth the effort. We challenge ourselves to resuscitate the tea culture. We want to challenge the tea consumers to switch their preferences into the direction of choosing healthier, more organic, and higher quality tea products.


Andy B.

CEO at KaTea.Ca

The Mission of KaTea Inc

Our mission derives from the concern that with all these busy schedules, comfortable lifestyles, blind-buying food, or drinks without reading the labels, the reliable products are pushed aside.  

Our ultimate mission, therefore, is to provide our clients both with the best quality teas,  and superior customer experience along with a tremendous value of our products.

Who's Behind Your Order

  • The guys from the Logistics Department - who ensure that the tea has the safest possible trip from Kenya to Canada.

  • The guys from the Research and Development Department - who experiment all day long with tastes and fantastic ingredients so that you get the most amazingly balanced blends.

  • The guys from the Shipping Department - they get sure that you receive what you ordered.

  • Our lovely customer support staff - with angelic voices and smiling faces.

  • A couple of IT guys - who are really great in their field of expertise, but are also tea-lovers.

Why Choose Katea.Ca

We might not be a big company; We might not have astronomic budgets. But we're talented, and we'll do our best to serve you in a fast, convenient and secure manner!

We firmly believe that good and healthy products are much more than an integral part of a fulfilling life. Organic food and beverages are also an instrument for changing our (inner) world to the better and making it blossom!