We bet you don't usually get to think about some warm and sweet beverage like the Linden Tea when you're having your lazy promenades under the Lindens during the late and invigorating May evenings!

It's most probably hard to think about winter and nice occasions to have a tea in May or June, when Lindens spread their amazing scent around. Hence, the most caring ones will surely pick up some leaves and dry them to have some nice herbal teas during the cold autumn or winter evenings. So, let's now see what's with all the fuss about the Linden Tea? Where can you get the best Linden Tea online, you'll ask?

About the Types of Linden Trees in Short

There are about thirty species of Linden trees, and they all are grouped in the genus Tilia.

Among the most commonly used names for Tilia, is Large-Leaf Linden and obviously the Small-Leaf Linden (which is also known as Basswood aka American Linden or Whitewood).

European Linden, on the other hand, is a Tilia variety that usually blossoms earlier, and is a natural hybrid of large and small leaf Linden trees.

The Romantic Side of Linden

Amazingly, Linden trees can live for almost 1000 years. Can you imagine how much century-lasting energy do the Linden Trees carry in their flowers? Wouldn’t it be great if we could go for at least 10% of their life span… humming the melody of the Romanian song "Dragostea din TEI"?:)

Due to the subtle scent of the Linden flowers, even the cold Berlin city from Germany, has an entire Boulevard named after the Linden Trees - "Unter den Linden" (under the Linden).

Can Linden Flowers be Used to Make Tea?

Yes. Definitely. And it is delicious! Linden Tea is safe and sound, healthy, and has a very subtle taste.

How to brew Linden Tea? Well... The best results are obtained when about 1 tbsp. (1.8-2 gr.) of dried flowers of the European linden are covered with boiling water (175-450 ml). One should never boil the linden dry flowers. They need to left to infuse for 10-15 minutes.

The right colour of the Linden flowers infusion is a type of golden that immediately melts. If the infusion has turned into a dark red-brick color, it is better not to use it.

Health Benefits of Linden Tea

The Dry Flowers of the European Linden are traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve nervousness and restlessness. Also known to be used traditionally to relieve throat irritations and coughs.

The infusion from the European Linden tree dry flowers are used to soothe the irritation of the respiratory tract.

For throat irritations, it is better if the tea infusion is consumed warm.