The birthday party is over, the guests are gone, the birthday cake has vanished, and while you're waiting for your birthday wish to come true, you'd gladly taste another piece of cake, wouldn't you? :)

Check out this fantastic birthday cake tea idea to enjoy the flavor of a cake, the benefits of a tea, and the calories of fruit.

What is a Birthday Cake Tea?

While some companies started selling birthday cake teas as such, a birthday cake is a beverage that contains loose leaf black tea or rooibos tea, and some ingredients that make the tea taste differently. It all depends on what's mixed in there. It can be spices, or it can be pieces of actual batter. It can be sprinkles, and it can be chips of sweets.

No matter what's mixed in there, it will act as an explosion for your taste experience! Because birthday cake teas have a unique sweet taste, with notes of vanilla, cream, butter, maple, anise, almond, cinnamon, and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

How to Make Your Birthday Cake Tea?

Start with deciding what's your favorite tea base: you can use loose leaf black tea, a tea blend containing several teas and garnished with some herbals, a rooibos tea that's known for its sweet taste. It basically doesn't matter, as long as it's a quality tea, and as long as you enjoy its flavor.

Then choose the ingredients that you want to mix: some cake butter or actual cake frosting, milk, sugar or maple syrup, candy sprinkles or sugar stars, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, anise powder, rose powder.

Brew the tea and enhance it with these ingredients. And that's all.

How to Serve a Birthday Cake Tea?

You can serve your birthday cake tea as such. You can enjoy the last piece of cake along with the tea. You can add a couple of ice cubes and prepare a refreshing birthday cake ice tea, or you can actively stir it into a cocktail shaker to obtain a birthday cake bubble tea.

In the end, pour it in your favourite cup, or enjoy from your lucky mug, or decorate a glass with sprinkles and sip it slowly.

Concentrate on the delicious notes, think about your plans, set goals, and dream of achieving them. You see, a birthday cake tea is not only a tea, but it can also turn to be the magic tea that gives you the power and motivation to achieve more and transform your life to the better!