Maya civilization nowadays - lyophilisation in its rudimentary form can be easily tracked back to the Mayans civilization.

This technique was used to preserve berries, fruits, and plants. Nowadays, the technique was improved to provide astronauts with the same nutrients as real fruits but in a preserved way, to avoid spoilage. Lyophilisation, or freeze drying, is this preservation technique. When employing the freeze drying technique, the water is removed from the fruit without affecting the vitamins and other fruit nutrients. 

Later on, the Brazilian government approached a well known in food industry company to help them develop a technique of coffee preservation. This company is Nestle, one of the leaders in the food industry research and development. Nestle, was the company that applied the freeze-drying to the food at an industrial scale. 

Our partners, across the processing chain, share our vision to reduce waste at the level of processing fruits. They committed to reduce carbon print avoiding long refrigerated storage and to provide consumers with an alternative to a fresh fruit, when fresh is not available.

The technology nowadays is applied for many fruits, berries, plants, and veggies with a high content of water in its fresh state, which spoil quickly; avocados, mangoes, apples, coffee, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, tea, celery, parsley, tomatoes, etc.

Yes, the taste of freeze-dried mango, freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried avocado or any other freeze-dried fruit is not 100% comparable with a fresh fruit. However, this technique helped industries all over the world to process and store for longer periods the crops without refrigeration, instead of dumping rotten, unprocessed foods. 

Portable and Convenient—conveniently packaged and portable, take the freeze dried mango chips wherever you, or your child, goes.

At Katea, we are working with processing companies from South America that are helping farmers to preserve their products for an undetermined period of time. As long as there is no water, the product has no environment for spoilage, therefore is stable from the perspective of shelf life. Freeze-dried mango powder, freeze dried avocado powder  freeze-dried coconut with mango are the top choice of our customers.

In addition, it is the campers favorite snack, favorite freeze dried food. Easy to transport as a light snack, not sensitive to temperatures and easy to consume. In addition, our freeze dried mango (or freeze dried coconut with strawberries powder) is a healthy snack that boosts you with vitamin C and energy. 

If you are still having doubts, try to remember the day when you packed your backpack with fresh fruits. You do not remember, or you do not want to remember? 

Freeze dried strawberry cubes, freeze dried mango slices, freeze dried pineapple and banana rings, or freeze dried avocado powder, freeze dried coconut with strawberries powder are your safe camping alternatives.  

100% real mango fruits, real freeze dried candies – we believe in using real ingredients with no additives or preservatives; freeze-dried mango in dices is a no added sugar snack, so you can be sure your child is getting a healthy snack; our mango chips are quite unique, delicious and non-GMO; 

We believe in freeze drying because this method of preservation does not require addition of sugar, citric acid, salt, or other less known but largely used preservatives and additives. Knowing that the only difference between the fresh product and the freeze-dried is the removed water, we can feel free to give these products as snacks to our children at home or school, summer or sport camps. Instead of snacks packed with additives, preservatives, colorants, and other “permitted substances”, just give your children avocado, apples, carrots, mangoes without water, meaning freeze-dried.

Freeze dried mango chips are not freeze dried candies, but can easily replace candies.

Smoothies, shakes, energy balls and bars all can use freeze dried fruits or powders. Freeze-dried powders are highly hydrophilic, meaning that they absorb water in seconds and do not clamp. You do not need high technological shakers, mixers or any other food processing equipment. Just add water and shake.

Customers love Katea’s freeze dried mango powder for its ease to use but also for the taste and excellent content of Vitamin C, avocado for its consistency and high content of proteins. 

Freeze-dried food does not replace the real food, it is an addition to the fresh food products. Remember, all new inventions are the old-forgotten techniques. :)