Do you know how to make the best tisane with mango?

When we were developing the tea market, our R&D team created three tisane blends: the BeauTea and The Beast, the MissTeaQ and the Late Sunset. The last one  is my personal favorite. In this quite unique blend we mixed the power of a high quality tea from Africa with the South American sunset pride, the mangoes.

It was a long way between the idea, the list of the ingredients and the final product. Especially challenging is to get the tisane that provides you with the mixed tea and mango aroma without adding natural or artificial flavors and enhancer.  Adding flavor (natural or artificial) to the mowed grass anyone can obtain a tisane. But, we managed to find the right way and  to allow essential oils from dried mangoes to evaporate and then to create the right conditions and condensate the oils over the tea leaves. Also, we added the freeze dried mango chunks that provide consumers with the right taste and aftertaste profile. Beside the freeze-dried mangoes, freeze dried mango powder  was added, which is highly water soluble, easily integrating the tea flavor and providing the perfect after taste; a bit bitter green/purple tea with sweet mango taste.

Try to DIY and  let us know what you think about the honest way to create unique fruit flavored tisane and tea blends.

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