Do you even know what you are drinking?

Finding the perfect spinach smoothie recipe is not a hard thing. After all, smoothies are healthy and beneficial for our bodies. But the basic ideas you can find about spinach smoothie are not enough.

We all have important questions about the drink, but we still can't find the answers. What about them? What about your questions? So, we realized the best way to solve the issue is to answer your questions immediately.

Can Spinach Smoothie Help You Lose Weight?

Yes. Besides spinach smoothie, you need a healthy diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise.

Nutritionists think spinach is beneficial to your health. From a 100 g of spinach, you’ll get 28.1 micrograms or 34% out of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

Yet, keep in mind that the process of weight loss is a journey, not a result. Making small changes brings you closer to your goal than anything.

“Small steps take you farther.”

- drinking spinach smoothie is one of them.

Are Spinach Smoothies Healthy?

Spinach is a frequent recommendation for a healthy diet. In the same way, spinach smoothies, made with natural ingredients are healthy. For instance, the average spinach drink contains about 150 - 200 kcal and a lot of vitamins.

The top vitamins contained are A, B-12, B, C, D & E. All of them are beneficial to your health. For example, vitamin A increases the health of your bones, skin, and vision. It also works as an antioxidant for your body & fights cell damage.

How Much Spinach Should I Put In A Smoothie?

For most of the recipes, 2 cups of spinach will be enough. But, if you are not a big fan, start with as little as a handful of spinach for the avocado smoothie bowl for example.

Look at the recipe, add the first half of the spinach, taste the smoothie and then add some more if needed.

Can You Put Raw Spinach In A Smoothie?

Yes. Most of the recipes do not need your spinach cooked in some way or another. Raw spinach works very well with smoothies and is beneficial too. Raw spinach is the best option to go with, and the healthiest.

How Do You Freeze Spinach For Smoothies?

Did you know frozen spinach is better for your smoothie recipe? Making frozen spinach cubes requires only a few minutes and a blender.

First, blend your spinach with water. Next, pour the mix in the ice cube tray and let it freeze until solid. Finally, add 1 or 2 spinach cubes to your smoothie and you are good to go.

How Can You Make A Spinach Smoothie Taste Good?

Spinach is good for your health, but the taste needs a little bit more work. There are three ways to make your spinach smoothie taste good:

Pineapple: Add pineapple to your smoothie to make the spinach taste fade away. Other fruits to use are mango, strawberries, apples, peaches, and wild berries.

Acidic element: Along with the tip above, acidic elements will spice up your smoothie. You can add a little bit of pomegranate, lime, or orange juice.

Sweetener: Honey, maple syrup, stevia, and coconut sugar - the main natural sweeteners. Your spinach smoothie will taste better by adding one of the listed ingredients.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Spinach Smoothie?

According to myfitnesspal, a serving size - 383 g of homemade green spinach smoothie has about 95 kcal. In fact, the spinach smoothie contains 38 g of carbs, 0 g of fat, and 2 g of protein.

What Smoothies Can I Make With Spinach?

The best part about smoothies is the variety of recipes you can try. Specifically, you can explore new flavors and find the one you like the most. Here are our top 5 ideas to inspire you:

  • Blueberry Spinach Smoothie | Alaska from Scratch

    Do you love berries? If your answer is yes this recipe is perfect for you. Blueberry, strawberry, banana, and Greek yogurt make the smoothie sweeter with the recipe.

  • Pineapple Paradise | Culinary Hill

    Creamy and soft - perfect description of the pineapple paradise spinach smoothie. If you like pineapple, avocado, and a little bit of healthy spinach - this drink is for you.

  • Simple Green Smoothie | Choosing Chia

    Would you like to add some superfoods to your green drink? You can do it, add protein, nuts, or avocado powder to your smoothie.

  • Non-Sweet Minty Green Smoothie | Kristen's Raw

    Cucumber, mint, spinach, water, and the freedom to change the ingredients how you want. But, if you have a sweet tooth, then maybe this smoothie isn’t for you. Still, no one said you can’t add some natural, totally healthy, and sweet honey.

  • Healthy Shamrock Shake | My Fussy Eater

    Shake your way up to the top. Or, in other words, drink the healthy shamrock shake. Made with spinach, avocado, and mint - good for a nice start of the day.

Can You Have Kale And Spinach Together In A Smoothie?

Yes, you can. For example, our favorite recipe is the Spinach and Kale Smoothie from It does not need a lot of ingredients and it gives your body a double portion of healthy nutrients.

Does Spinach Smoothie Make Benefit Your Hair?

Spinach is full of vitamin C. Thus it helps to increase the absorption of iron that prevents hair loss. With a healthy diet and a morning spinach smoothie, your hair will be stronger every day.

How Do You Make Your Kids Like Spinach Smoothie?

If your kids don’t like spinach or any other vegetable they will not eat it in any form. But, you can add a small portion of spinach to your smoothie recipe for healthy nutrients. Still, the best way is not to push any product to your kids if they don’t like it.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your kids will take you as an example. Make a change yourself and give your kids the freedom to make decisions on their own. You’ll realize immediately - they like the spinach smoothie more than you.


Spinach is a great vegetable. The benefits are a lot and let’s be honest, it does not taste that bad. In fact, drinking spinach smoothie gives your body nutrition and energy for the day. Yet, pushing yourself or your kids to drink spinach smoothie because it’s healthy is not a good idea.

First of all, if you want to make a change - make it small. Start with adding some spinach to your usual smoothie recipe. Make the cooking process of the spinach smoothie fun. Then finally - enjoy the drink in the most relaxing way for you.

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