Refreshing and hydrating, iced tea is one of the best drinks you can make at home. Unlike many people think, it is very easy to make iced tea at home. This is the basic iced tea recipe everyone should know. You will learn how to make iced tea fast, and not a regular flavor, but purple iced tea.

You Will Need:

  • 5 teaspoons of purple tea
  • 300 ml of hot water
  • 450 g of ice or 15 ice cubes
  • Steeper
  • one 500ml mug


Brew the tea: Measure 5 teaspoons of purple tea and add it to your steeper. Pour in 300 ml of hot water. The way you brew your tea is going to decide what the purple iced tea will taste like. See our guide on how to brew the perfect tea for expert results.

Steep the tea: The magic happens here! Let your tea steep and give it time to release its amazing delicious flavor. Give it a little stir from time to time and make sure the leaves aren’t floating on the top of the water.

Assemble the tea: Add 450 g of ice / 15 ice cubes to your mug. Pour the tea over. You see now how beautiful the color of the tea is. Feel how good the iced tea smells. Can you imagine how refreshing and good the taste is? Go ahead and find it out.

Final touches: Add honey, caramel, or syrups if you would like to drink sweet tea. You can decorate your drink with fresh lemon slices or mint leaves.

Notes: The purple iced tea, as well as any flavor of this drink can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Make sure to cover it up so it doesn't lose the taste and good smell.

Bonus tip: If you want 100% tea taste, instead of water ice cubes, use a tea alternatively. Pour tea in your mold and let it freeze as regular ice. Add them to your tea as usual.

Cold Brew Tea vs Regular Tea Bags

The difference between cold brew tea and regular tea bags is very small. You can make iced tea with any of the two variations. Cold-brew tea requires a much longer process of waiting, up to 15 hours. We use hot brew tea because it’s faster and more convenient, and we think that you agree.

Regular tea bags are also a fast option for making iced tea. The tea bags can be found in any supermarket, but you can never really find a good purple tea flavor or any other delightful taste. For this basic iced tea recipe, you should use 10 tea bags and the tea will be good to go.

Iced Tea or Sweet Tea?

The basic recipe for sweet tea is the same as for the iced tea. In fact, sweet tea is a very sweetened version of iced tea. Its sugary taste is due to ingredients such as syrups, a lot of honey, or sugar.

Iced tea is basically a cold drink. It can be sweet or it can be not. Depending on your preferences you may add sweeteners or even make it sour by adding lemon juice.

Can you make any tea into iced tea?

The answer is yes. Transforming any of your favorite tea into a cold drink it’s very easy. You only need some ice and some cold tea for this.

Try flavors like green, black or fruit iced tea, you’ll love it! For a faster recipe, pour the hot tea directly on the ice cubes. It is going to be a good drink, cold enough, and still very delicious.

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