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Essential Oils

KaTea is one of the best places to buy essential oils online because, at KaTea, we work with reputable essential oils suppliers from around the world. The oils we are offering are carefully sourced and responsibly extracted by steam distillation or cold-pressing. We offer a great diversity of essential oils obtained from different plant parts such as leaves, blossoms, barks, shrubs, roots of herbs, fruits, and spices. 

Whether you are looking for inexpensive essential oils for resale, for your DIY projects, or for ingredients for aromatherapy products, our selection of pure essential oils will meet your needs and budget. 

The wholesale essential oils are ideal to be used in flavoring the scented lotions, oils, balms, serums, and toners. They make a great addition to toiletries, perfumeries, handmade cosmetics, soaps, candles, and domestic cleaning products. By ordering essential oils online, you benefit from a quick, easy, and secure processing of your order without the hassle of shopping it locally at a store.

You are welcome to shop around and ask us for the wholesale essential oils prices.

NOTE: Essential oils should not be taken internally! This is the generally-known statement of the leading aromatherapy associations such as: Alliance of International Aromatherapists, The International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, The Aromatherapy Trade Council.


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