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Green Tea

Green Tea

What is Green Tea

Green tea is a variety of tea obtained from Camellia Sinensis. This is the same tea plan from which black and white tea are made. The difference is that the leaves from which green tea is obtained are not subject to fermentation and oxidizing as in the case of the black tea. 

The aroma, colour, properties, and taste of the tea strongly depend on the way it was picked, on the harvesting period, on how it was dried and processed.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Multiple pieces of research in nutrition have been conducted to identify and state the benefits that green tea might have. The results, of course, depend on the type of analyzed teas, on the processing methods, and on how tea was steeped. It is generally considered that green tea is a miracle product. 

Green tea contains polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins, and thanks to the high load on antioxidants, it can positively impact your health, as follows:

  •  It improves blood flow;
  •  It lowers the cholesterol;
  •  It stimulates the working memory in your brain;
  •  It helps you melt your pounds off;
  •  It helps to relieve arthritis;

How is Kenya Green Tea Different

Green tea originated from China, but it soon became popular and has spread in different regions of the world, where the temperature, humidity, and light is appropriate for it to grow in harmony.

Kenya is among the regions where tea started to be cultivated relatively recently. Given the ideal conditions for the tea bush to grow there, Kenyan natural organic green tea soon became known to the entire world. What kind of tea is grown in Kenya, you'll ask. The Camellia Sinensis plant has perfectly adapted to the Kenyan environment & it's a source of high-quality tea. 

So, the answer to whether green tea is found in Kenya is: Yes! And Kenyan green tea is delicious and affordable!

Why Choose KaTea for Ordering Tea Online?

In the modern rushy world where every minute counts, and more and more people feel the rush of achieving more, some don't have much time for shopping around. But this doesn't mean that one's not interested in finding a place where they can get good green tea. 

KaTea Inc., with a team of young enthusiasts and professionals behind this name, is engaged entirely in providing their clients the best Kenyan teas on the market. The dedication to find the most qualitative tea, to ship it in the safest conditions, and to pack it in the most beautiful packages makes KaTea one of the best online tea stored in Canada and the USA. Along with the Kenyan purple tea and black tea, green tea is a great product to always have at home or at your office.

How to Steep, Brew and Serve Green Tea

The only basic things you need to steep an excellent green tea are water and good green tea which you can order from us. Pour a cup of warm water (ranging from 61°C / 142° F to 100°C/212°F). Wait for around 4 minutes and serve your tea. 

Tip: Higher steeping temperature or longer brewing period will result in a higher amount of tannins, which will make the tea bitter, even if the initial quality of the tea was good.

Green Orthodox Tea (GO-BOP1) #15 Green Orthodox Tea (GO-BOP1) #15
New -12 %
Brand: Katea Inc
The best quality of Kenya green tea available in the original package of 10 KG bags. The loose leaf wholesale offer contains BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) leaves that keep the original aroma and flavor of the tea. ..
$14.99 $16.99
Brand: Katea Inc
To buy green tea bags means to ensure that you always have a quick alternative to steep tea in a fast and easy way. The biodegradable pyramid tea bags represent a good option for enjoying the grassy and mild taste of a loose-leaf tea.Quantity: 40 gPackage: Pyramid tea bagsNumber of Servings: approx...
Brand: Katea Inc
By ordering this tea you will get 1 Kg of high-quality Kenyan green tea that will amaze your taste buds through the astringent, grassy aroma of dried herbs. Refreshing, tasty and with multiple health benefits, green tea is a must-have ingredient in your kitchen.Quantity: 1 KgPackage: BagNumber of Se..
Brand: Katea Inc
The best quality of Kenya green tea available in retail format. Refreshing, tasty and with multiple health benefits, green tea is a must-have ingredient in your kitchen.Quantity: 50 gPackage: TinNumber of Servings: approx. 22 cups..
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