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Dry Cornflower flower

Dry Cornflower flower
Dry Cornflower flower
2-3 Days
Dry Cornflower flower
Dry Cornflower flower
Dry Cornflower flower
  • Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Model: 51011
  • Weight: 5.00kg

 The Cornflower (botanical name: Centaurea Cyanus), also known as the Bachelor’s Button, the Boutonniere flower, or Bluebottle is a plant with a vivid and vibrant color that ranges from white, pink, to dark blue. The organically grown Cornflower flowers have a fresh scent and a mild aroma. The pure blue cornflower petals will add delicateness to whatever project you will use them for, be it cosmetic products, crafts, bath bombs, potpourri, homemade lattes, tea blends, or cornflower flower petals tea. 

The Cornflower is known to have many health benefits due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic effects. The whole petals are an excellent ingredient for steeping a nutritious herbal tea with astringent properties and a delicate aroma and flavor. Dry cornflower flowers can also be used to blend mixtures for other herbal teas and tisanes.

If you buy dried cornflower petals in bulk, you’ll get a deal that is worth its price! 

Ingredient(s) List: Dried Cornflower buds
Country of Origin
Country of Origin Bulgaria
Physical and sensorial properties
Color blue
Flavor Characteristic to the plants
Moisture / Humidity (%) 6
Shelf life and storage
Shelf Life (months) 24
Storage conditions Avoid high temperature and humidity, keep in dark place in sealed container to avoid change of color

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Tags: Herbal Tea