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Melissa Essential Oil / Lemon Balm (5ml)

Melissa Essential Oil / Lemon Balm (5ml)
Melissa Essential Oil / Lemon Balm (5ml)
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The organic Melissa Oil is a watery pale-yellow liquid obtained from leaves, twigs, and buds of the Melissa plant (botanical name: Melissa Officinalis) through a steam distillation process. Melissa is also known as Lemon Balm or Bee Balm. Therefore, “lemon balm oil” or “bee balm oil” term designates the same “Melissa Officinalis oil.” 

The melissa leaf essential oil has a pleasant, sweet, citrusy scent. Its scent and properties are widely known as being useful in fighting depression, calming down nerves, reducing tense and promoting relaxation of the entire body and soul. The detoxifying, sudorific, stomachic, and diaphoretic therapeutic properties make the organic melissa essential oil the ideal ingredient to have in your essential oils kits.

Before you decide to buy Melissa Oil for your own use or bulk projects, you should take into account that the organic melissa oil is a rare type of oil. Approximately 7 tons of melissa leaves are needed to obtain 1 liter of pure melissa oil. The fact that this type of oils can be often diluted for commercially-driven reasons makes it of the utmost importance to choose your Melissa Oil supplier carefully. 

We at KaTea work with trusted direct essential oils suppliers who are in charge of the entire production cycle: from harvesting the plants to distillery and warehousing. Our dedication for quality is oriented towards providing safe products at convenient prices. The current products offer is designed to meet our clients needs to purchase wholesale quantities of organic essential oils at affordable prices.

Ingredient(s) List: Melissa Essential Oil

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