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Black Orthodox Tea (BO-OP1) #6 Black Orthodox Tea (BO-OP1) #6
New -13 %
Brand: Katea Inc
Buy this pure Kenyan black tea to experience the taste of a genuine Black Orthodox Tea. Black Orthodox Tea is one of the most popular black tea types. Along with all the beneficial properties of a traditional black tea, you'll also get the best value in terms of the quality of the tea you purch..
$12.99 $14.99
Green Orthodox Tea (GO-BOP1) #15 Green Orthodox Tea (GO-BOP1) #15
New -12 %
Brand: Katea Inc
The best quality of Kenya green tea available in the original package of 10 KG bags. The loose leaf wholesale offer contains BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) leaves that keep the original aroma and flavor of the tea. ..
$14.99 $16.99
Organic freeze-dried Avocado Powder (100g) Organic freeze-dried Avocado Powder (100g)
New -4 %
Brand: Katea Inc
The avocado is generally knows as being a super-food. It contains healthy oils and fats that have multiple health benefits both on mental and physical level.The only problem with avocados is that they are not available the entire year around. The innovative solution to conservation of avocado's prop..
$22.99 $23.99
Purple Tea Kenya (75g) Purple Tea Kenya (75g)
New -21 %
Brand: Katea Inc
The package of our loose leaf purple tea from Kenya represents the ideal solution for those interested in acquiring the best purple tea at the best price. Order a case of 4 bags and take advantage of a special price.Does Purple Tea have Caffeine: Yes..
$14.99 $18.89
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